Kisslinger – all the world of glass

About 400 years ago the »Glassworks Kramsach« was established just a mile away from Rattenberg. For more than 70 years our company is continuing this centuries-old tradition of tyrolean craft of glassmaking. Combining innovation with tradition our craftsmanship in the production and fashioning of glass has matured to perfection.


The glassblowing pipe had already been invented at the time of the birth of Christ and is used to pick up a red hot viscous lump of glass and skilfully shape it by turning the pipe and blowing down it. The technique remains unchanged to this very day!
»Experiencing and understanding tradition«. Following this principle, we offer free-of-charge, gripping demonstrations of the centuries-old craft of glassmaking.

Competence center

Thanks to the great technical know-how available to us in our company, we can offer an enormous variety of options: whether special cutting or special drilling, sand-blasting techniques or UV adhesives, glass casting, building casts, repair work, polishing or special material combinations, we are THE specialist workshop when it comes to glass!

Everything in Glass

With over 1,000 m2, spread over 4 floors of the main building, glass lovers have the largest selection and variety in the area. Each year, many thousands of visitors come to find that ideal gift for friends and family among our exclusive glassware: